General Merit List

Individual Merit Details


Important instructions with regard to engagement of applicants as Lecturers/Librarians/PTIs/Assistant Lectures/Assistant Librarians/Assistant PTIs on academic arrangement for 2020-21

  1. Academic arrangement is need based for one academic session 2020-21 and the engagement/adjustment of candidates in a particular subject depends upon only workload and requirement of a particular college.
  2. The common merit list prepared for Lecturers,Librarians,PTIs, Teaching Assistants, Assistant Librarians & APTIs for academic arrangement 2020-21 is available here and the candidates can communicate objections (if any) to the office of U/S within 02 days to cooperate in rectifying mistakes (if any).
  3. If, at any stage, it is known that the residency period of Ph.D / M. Phil is clashing with the academic arrangement duties of any candidate, the concerned candidate is liable for instant disengagement and disqualification for future selection.
  4. Production of fake documents / certificates including certificates issued by unrecognised institutions, shall make the concerned candidate liable for action under rules including disqualification of candidate.
  5. Any complaint or objection shall be considered for rectification only if it is received in person and duly authenticated by the complainant.
  6. Resorting to use of influence in any manner during the academic arrangement process by any candidate shall make him liable for disqualification.
  7. If any readjustment is necessitated in view of transfers and fresh appointments, the last engaged candidate (in light of the merit list shall have to vacate for the effected candidate.